‘Co-operative insider’ March 2018: Focus on gender equality

12 Apr 2018

The March issue of our monthly newsletter is now available in English, French and Spanish – and with this edition we look at the work co-operatives are doing around the world to bring gender equality.

International Women’s Day was celebrated on 8 March and co-ops were represented at the 62nd Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in New York. We look at how the work of co-ops was recognised at this event, and also at the historic contributions the movement has made to gender equality.

In our Co-operative Buzz section we look at the key role co-ops must play in creating local economies, and give a farewell interview to Charles Gould, who retired from his position as Director General of the Alliance this month. There is a new global guide from the Alliance for the promotion of co-operatives, and new members are welcomed from Kyrgyzstan and Cyprus. You can also find out about upcoming conferences, a milestone in the movement and a job opportunity at the Alliance.

Our Co-op Story of the Month follows student housing co-ops in the UK as they create a new national body to address problems created by the country’s shortage of affordable homes.

The newsletter also includes an update on the #coops4dev ICA-EU partnership, as well as news from sectors and regions and a list of upcoming events.