ICA-GEC Executive Committee

ICA GEC Kuala Lumpur

What is the role of the ICA-GEC Executive Committee?

The Executive Committee ensures that the ICA-GEC is achieving its objectives and provide leadership and management for all ICA-GEC activities. The Executive Committee regularly reviews the ICA-GEC work plan, set benchmarks for success, and report progress on objectives during the Annual Plenary Meetings.

According to the ICA-GEC rules, the Executive Committee of the ICA-GEC shall consist of an elected Global Chair, two elected Vice-Chairs and four elected Members, as elected by the member organisations during the Annual Plenary Meeting. The Chairs of the regional committees are appointed to the Executive Committee.

ICA-GEC Executive Committee members

The latest elections of the ICA-GEC were held in November 2017 in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). The ICA-GEC Executive Committee members are:

María Eugenia Pérez Zea, Chair of the ICA Gender Equality Committee

Xiomara Núñez de Céspedes, Vice-Chair of the ICA Gender Equality Committee and chair of the regional ICA GEC for the Americas

Marjaana Saarikoski, Vice-Chair of the ICA Gender Equality Committee

Nandini Azad, Chair of the ICA Asia Pacific Women’s Committee

Esther N. Gicheru, Chair of the Research and Gender Committee of ICA Africa

Stefania Marcone, Vice President of Cooperatives Europe and Chair of its Gender Equality Working Group

Arti Bisaria, Women's Empowerment Committee of NCUI (the National Cooperative Union of India)

Vanya Boyuklieva, Vice President of Cooperatives Europe

Malena Riudavets, Head of Gender Equality and vice-president of COCETA (the Spanish Confederation of worker cooperatives)